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Tuesday, June 24, 2008

[Chicago Pizza News] Suburban Family Sending 3,000 Pizzas to Troops in Iraq and Afghanistan

In the 1990s, Air Force officer Mark Evans of Elk Grove, IL, sent 50 Lou Malnati's pizzas to the troops in Bosnia. Recently, he and his son have decided to repeat history, but on a much bigger scale.

They decided to try to raise money to send 3000 Lou Malnati's pies to the troops serving in Iraq and Afghanistan for a Fourth of July pizza party. The response has been so tremendous that they have increased their goal to 3,000 pizzas.

Anyone interested in helping can send an email to Evans. Kudos to DHL for offering free shipping for all of the pizzas the Evans buy for this project.


  1. this is a wonderful idea its great to see that people really do care about our troops there the best in the world bless you all that made this possible

  2. Saw this on the news. Thanks for posting it here. Cannot read this stuff too much or too often.