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Monday, April 16, 2007

Michael's Pizzeria & Tavern [Meeting #41]

Michael's Pizzeria & Tavern
4091 N. Broadway Ave.
Tel: (773) 929-4149

CPC invaded Michael's on 4/17/07.

Michael's is a great place to gather with friends to watch sports on numerous flat screens spread throughout the pleasant bar/restaurant space, drink reasonably-priced pitchers of beer, and, of course ... eat pizza. The sauce is a bit sweet, and the crust is a bit dry, but the pizza is quite palatable. There is a good variety of fresh ingredients available.

We enjoyed the following pies:

  • Thin crust with bacon and tomatoes (a crowd favorite)
  • Thin crust taco pizza (B.Y.O. Doritos to add some crunch)
  • Extra thin crust with cheese
  • Deep Dish with pepperoni, garlic, and onion
  • Stuffed with sausage and spinach
Our pizzas arrived 35 minutes after we placed our order. The service was friendly and efficient, and accommodating of our large group (which took a while to order and lingered over beer mugs even after the pizza was consumed). The food and beverage prices are reasonable, and include an array of weeknight specials. For example, we enjoyed their Tuesday night Deep Dish special with a choice of 3 ingredients, for $14.99. The ambience of Michael's is partly that of a neighborhood sports bar and partly that of a casual restaurant, with some limited outdoor seating available.

Petey gives Michael's a score of 7.67/10.

Let's eat!

Taco Piza... Doritos not pictured

Deep dish, ready to eat...

Serve it up!

More deep dish

Where it went down...

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