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Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Tomato Head [Meeting #33]

Tomato Head
Webster & Sheffield (Google Maps)
(773) 404-801

CPC invaded Tomato Head on 6/21/06

We visited Tomato head in Lincoln Park and had a great time. This place had some great thin crust pizza. Not to mention the fact that this place is BYOB, a fact that we did not know during our meeting. Rest assured should we ever venture there again we will be certain to be armed with a few six packs. The pizza not only was good as will be described below but was affordable as hell!!! There were 9 of us at the meeting and without sodas we each paid only 6 or 7 bucks (can’t remember final tally) and we all had plenty to eat with one slice left to spare. All pizzas had the same thin crust that was not too crispy and not so soft that each slice fell apart once lifted.

The first pizza we tried was the ZorbaZah, This pizza had some of my personal favorites including feta, Kalamta olives and tomatoes. The toppings were fresh and tasty. The cheese was not too salty which was good since we had plenty of salt provided by the feta cheese. The sauce was good, and had plenty of flavor to it, but could have been spicier. The Greeks (muck like our Italian brethren to the east) like their oregano.

The next pizza was a Hawaiian Pizza which really hit the spot on hot summer day. The pineapple was fresh. This is a good pizza for fruit lovers as there was plenty of pineapple throughout. I think this was the first pizza to go.

Finally, the Belt Buster. This pizza was filled with toppings. Sausage, pepperoni, mushrooms, green peppers, onions and black olives, were all prominent on almost every slice. Much like the other two pizzas this pizza had plenty of cheese that was not so sticky that the slices congealed after 10 minutes, but still a good amount.

This was a great affordable pizza club that allows one to bring some booze and a bunch of people together for some pizza. (Cubs game on in the background to boot!!!) Petey gives Tomato Head a 7.5 out of 10 and recommends this to thin crust lovers of all ages.

Extreme close-up!

More extreme closeness... making me hungry...

Delicious thin-crust

Hawaiian anyone?

Where it went down

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