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Thursday, October 02, 2003

Cumulative Chicago Pizza Club Scores

This is a brief post with our cumulative scores for each pizzeria. Our faithful Chicago Pizza Club mascot Petey Pizza's scores represents the average of our members' scores for each establishment. These scores do not include our 20+ meetings prior to starting this blog. Those will be added as time allows.

  1. Home Run Inn - 8.7
  2. Caffe Florian - 8.6
  3. Candlelite - 8.0
  4. Spacca Napoli - 7.25
  5. D'Agostino's - 6.75
  6. Salerno's - 4.2
  7. Waldo Cooney's - 4.0

Wednesday, October 01, 2003

Welcome to the Chicago Pizza Club

Welcome to the Official Blog of the world famous Chicago Pizza Club

This is where we will post reviews of Pizza Club meetings, as well as news that's relevant to the world of Chicago Pizza. Please feel free to stick around and add your thoughts to any of the posts.

The Chicago Pizza Club intends to

  1. Visit Chicagoland pizzerias of all reputations and quantify our opinions on their product and their product alone

  2. Actively maintain a website that transmits our experience to our readers

  3. Be an open society to any wishing to join

  4. Continue to expand our pizza horizons and pursue new venues for our meetings

  5. Become one of the foremost pizza authorities in Chicago
-Petey Pizza
Official Pizza Club Mascot