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Sunday, April 20, 2008

[Meet the Members] Francisco, El Presidente

Screen Name: El Presidente

Real Name: Francisco

Came Out of the Oven: War-torn El Salvador in the sexy 70's

First Pizza Club Meeting: Vito and Nick's, founder

Favorite Deep Dish Pizza: Delisi's

Favorite Stuffed Pizza: Do I have to pick?

Favorite Thin Crust Pizza: Adorno's (RIP), now it would be Piece

Favorite Pizza outside of Chicago: A place in Staten Island that the GD Killer took me to visit.

Had Pizza in the Motherland: Multiple times in multiple cities, including one of the oldest places in Naples. Unimpressive.

Personal Pizza Statement: For every big name place that lives up the hype, or part of it, there are many smaller places that quietly plod along making outstanding food in near anonymity. So sprang Chicago Pizza Club. Let's systematically catalog as many places as we can and develop a wide repertoire of pizzerias we can call on when the mood strikes. In addition, I like that maybe we can become a reference for people who need some real reviews of pizzerias across the city.

When Adorno's closed, I felt that long-held Chicago rite of of passage of having your favorite place close down. I proposed to continue to expand my pizza palate and never linger and remain stale like the crusty old guys to who I'm alluding. Onward and upward.


  1. I just left Kate a comment (she didn't encourage me to - honest!) so I figured I'd do you the same courtesy. Your facial expression, not to mention kickass sweater, in your profile pic are but another reminder of why you must get reference material for your wedding gift forthwith.

  2. can we do some out of state reviews? i miss pizza club, el presidente, how can i get a pete's tshirt