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Sunday, April 20, 2008

[Meet the Members] Fred

Screen Name: N/A

Real Name: Fred

Came out of the Oven: Unknown, rescued at a young age in Chicago (Lakeview)

Favorite toppings: I love every one I've tried, but some of the spicier ones don't agree with my stomach

First Pizza Club Meeting: Chain Pizza Extravaganza, March 21, 2008; ate leftovers beginning with O'Fame Italian Restaurant, October 5, 2006

Favorite Deep Dish Pizza: Every one I've tried

Favorite Stuffed Pizza: Every one I've tried

Favorite Thin Crust Pizza: Every one I've tried

Favorite Pizza outside of Chicago: Have never tried any, but I think I'd like all of them

Had Pizza in the Motherland? No

What Do You Do When Not Eating Pizza? I sleep, I hump, I poop, and I eat. Not necessarily in that order.

Personal Pizza Statement: There is no such thing as a bad pizza. It is tied as my favorite food with: beef, chicken, fish, pork, shrimp, lamb, cheese, marshmallow fluff, pumpkin pie, cookies, yogurt, animal crackers, broccoli, ice cream, burritos, rice, grease from hamburgers, pasta, sour cream, tortilla chips, pita chips, potato chips, Trader Joe's pot stickers, Gatorade, mayonnaise, and eggs.


  1. "It is tied as my favorite food with: ........."


  2. I would hope Dan's homemade banana pudding makes its way onto Fred's favorites list....it's on mine.