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Tuesday, October 03, 2006

O'famé Italian Restaurant [Meeting #34]

O'famé Italian Restaurant
750 W. Webster (GoogleMaps)
(773) 929-5111

CPC invaded O'famé on 10/05/06

O'famé is a family-run Italian restaurant boasting recipes that have been handed down through several generations, after originating within the neighborhood food businesses of Chicago's Taylor Street. Though inconveniently located in the center of a spiritless neighborhood calling itself "Lincoln Park," the restaurant itself is in a warm and simple two-room space. They accommodated us with a large table for twelve by the window, and the servers were friendly and attentive. A very nice touch for the squinting crowd: reading glasses at a table by the entry to help tired eyes peruse the menu in the dim lighting.

O'famé has a broad selection of pastas, salads, and sandwiches, but clearly the Chicago Pizza Club was there for the P to the I-Z-Z-A. They serve thin, pan, and stuffed pizzas, all topped with mozzarella and aged parmigiano cheese. We did not notice a big difference between the pan and stuffed varieties, though the pan pizza was certainly doughier, and at least the one we had was a bit soggy, but still pretty good. O'famé offers a variety of fresh ingredients, including their own homemade Italian sausage, ricotta cheese, roasted red peppers, and all the staples.

We enjoyed the following pizzas:

  • Pan pizza: O'famé Specialty Pizza - Ricotta and Tomato with Basil
    • We added basil to this specialty pizza and it went well with the ricotta and tomato. The dough of this pizza was a bit soggy, but it was also soft in a good way, going well with the delicate flavors of the ricotta and other ingredients.
  • Stuffed pizza: homemade sausage, roasted red peppers, garlic
    • The crumbled homemade sausage in the stuffed pizza was really good, and evenly sprinkled throughout each slice. The roasted red peppers were also nice. The stuffed pizza was soft like the pan pizza, but not quite as soggy.
  • Thin crust pizza: bacon, artichoke hearts
    • Both thin crust pizzas were nice and crispy. This pizza was topped with long, crispy slices of bacon, just like you make for breakfast.
  • Thin crust pizza: O'famé Specialty Pizza - fresh garlic, oil, tomato
    • This specialty pizza was the crowd favorite. The crust stayed thin and crispy and had a good amount of salt to complement the delicious fresh ingredients.
There was more than enough pizza to go around, and the cost without alcoholic beverages came out to $12/ person. Petey forgot his watch, but all of the pizzas came out hot at the same time (stuffed pizza lagged just a few minutes) after what seemed to him like about 45 minutes.

Petey gives O'famé a 6.8 / 10.

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  1. Well, since I have recently become so important, my time is short. I will comment that I felt this place was above average. I really only thought the oil, tomato, garlic pizza stood out from the crowd. The rest were ok, but not special.

    I give props for homemade crumbled sausage, a crazy new idea that needs to be more widely implemented.

    I give props for delicious roasted red peppers.

    Pan and stuffed crusts were soggy in-house, so I can only imagine how marsh-like they become on a delivery order. The thin stayed crisp and horizontal in your grasp.

    I'd go back to this place for the special thin oil, tomato, garlic pie. The rest of it you can keep in the back of the fridge.


  2. I thought this place was also above average, I was kinda bummed about the soggy stuffed and pan pizzas since those had the best toppings. But the thin crust pizzas were pretty solid (no pun intended) and on that note, let me end my review with two words; CRISPY BACON


  3. This place was pretty good. I thought that the pan pizza with fresh tomato and garlic was the best. I didn't care for the crumbled sausage. It didn't have a lot of flavor and added a texture that was not appetizing. I also didn't notice that crust was soggy, just a bit under-cooked. The bacon had a rich taste and was almost overpowering. Stick with the tomatoes
    O'fame is a 6.

  4. decent pizza...that about sums it up for me. The thin crust ws good, the pan style was better, and the stuffed pizza was pretty much the pan pizza with a little extra cheese. One of my mesures of any food, or person, is how good their sausage is. O'Fame has an interesting dry sausage, which is placed on the pizza in large chunks. The consistency ws very different from the average sausage you find on pizza, and the flavor was excelent.

    Overall I have to give Ofame's a C. It did better than just passing, but it really didnt earn much more than that.

  5. I enjoyed all the pizzas, and my favorite was the thin crust with tomatoes, oil, and garlic. It was a great balance of flavors and nice and crispy.

    None of the pizzas had a terribly memorable sauce, but you could taste the freshness of all the ingredients. The integrity of the crust in the pan and stuffed pizzas was a bit challenged by all the tomatoes, but they were both still tasty.


  6. As the newest Pizza Club member (can I proclaim myself a member or is there some hazing ritual I have yet to go through?), I would have been happy going to Domino's.

    But O'Fame was far better than Dominos.

    I didn't particularly care about the sogginess of the crust that bothered some other people - just meant I had to use a knife and fork.

    I thought all 4 pizzas were good, but none of them were great. If someone suggested I go to O'Fame again, I'd be up for it, but it wouldn't generate much excitement. Except, that is, for the Special, which I thought was very flavorful.

    I'd give it a 7/10.

  7. This was a good but not great place. I thought all the pizzas were preety good. The edge for me would go to the thin crust garlic pizza. I love a crispy crust on my pizza. The stuffed were good too, but after a few minutes of sitting on the table they would come apart at the seams. I think this is a place where if you are in Lincoln Park and have nothing better to do (why would you) you should stop in once every couple of months. I give this place a respctable 6.5 out of 10.