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Sunday, October 15, 2006

Chicago's Pizza [Meeting #35]

Wednesday, October 18th
Chicago's Pizza
3006 N. Sheffield (GoogleMaps)

CPC invaded Chicago's Pizza on 10/18/06

Come judge harshly indeed.

Chicago Pizza Club meeting #35 has come and gone, and those who attended are probably most happy about the "gone" part. The general consensus was that this was the most mediocre of mediocre Chicago pizza, and one can't help but wonder if they truly deserve to besmirch our good city's name.

The Chicago Pizza Club invaded Chicago's Pizza on North Sheffield last night and ordered up our pies just before 8pm. Our selections this week were:

  • the Garlic Lovers Pizza: With fresh sliced tomatoes, roasted garlic, fresh basil and mozzerella cheese, brushed with olive oil. (This was from their 'Gourmet Pizza' menu).

  • The Chicago Special Stuffed Pizza: Sausage, mushrooms, green peppers & onions.

  • Thin crust pizza with pepperoni: This one is self explanatory.

Our pizzas took about 40 minutes to arrive, and worked out to $9 per person (paid in advance, including soft drinks) for the 8 Pizza Clubbers that we had in attendance (side note: we managed to order the perfect amount of pizza for 8 people). The Stuffed Pan Pizza was probably the best pizza of the three that we ordered, the sauce was pretty interesting but in the end I think it was mainly responsible for the massive heartburn I had when I woke up at 4 in the morning. The thin crust pepperoni pizza was pretty standard and nothing really to speak of, other than to say, yes, it faired better than a Domino's pizza. Their 'Gourmet' Garlic Pizza was probably the most maligned of our order, though I do know of at least one member who liked it.

As for this restaurant's atmosphere? Well, I think you'd find more atmosphere floating in space in an orbit around Pluto (I still can't get used to their only being 8 planets, but that's neither here nor there...). This was storefront seating, and the restaurant's modus operandi at this location seemed to revolve around carryout, delivery and pizza by the slice. Though I was presently suprised when they brought us out real plates and silverware. And, they did let us turn on the baseball playoffs, and that was nice.

In the end, this pizza wasn't worth the effort of our trek, parking in this neighborhood is extremely difficult, and even more so when the Vic Theatre across the street is attracting hippies like nobodies business for a concert. I'm guessing this place bases their business on locals who eat there out of convenience.

Petey gives Chicago's a 4.55.

Here comes our pizza

Maybe it's the Garlic Lover's, maybe it's not...

Thin-crust pepperoni

The pan pizza, looking a little worse for wear

Where it went down

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  1. This pizza was okay. It was mostly chewy bread and tons of cheese. The stuffed pizza was respectable and the best of the three we tried, but it still came in at about average as far as stuffed pizza goes. I would not get the garlic/tomato/basil special again, as it actually did not have any sauce, and the cheese and the crust came together to make it taste like really chewy cement.


  2. Look, I've ordered form Chicago's a bunch of time. Mostly because its open till 5 am nightly and will deliver anywhere. But there is a reason why I don't go there. The place is small and not conducive to a good dining experience. It would be a good place to grab a slice to-go (if you don't care about good pizza). I think its a great late night place when you come home and are really hungry and the fridge has nothing but beer and ketchup in it. The pizza is not terrible, but not great. Actually the gourmet garlic pizza was terrible, so don't get that. I don't get how a GARLIC PIZZA can NOT even have a hint that garlic was even in the room when it was made. The stuffed and the thin crust cheese and pepperoni were average. The sauce usually tastes like it came out of a can, but while eating it there was actually respctable. I give this place a 5.75 out of 10. Should the gourmet garlic pizza have been any good this place may have rated at least a 6-6.5.

  3. I agree with everything the smart (handsome too) reviewer said... I give this place a 4.5

  4. Yawn.

    This pizza is sitting under a heat lamp at every joe schmoe pizza place in the city.

    I recommed this crust only as a way to give yourself TMJ syndrome.


  5. There's a reason that every commercial for Chicago's Pizza advertises it as a place to go very late at night, and typically when intoxicated. The pizza is terrible. You can taste the aluminum in the sauce and the crust is flavorless. There is a lot of cheese, which is nice. I've lived around the corner from this place since June 2005 and I've only been there twice other than for Pizza Club. That reason is: the pizza is crap. I give it a 3 for the fact that I got to eat cheese.