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Wednesday, April 08, 2009

[Chicago Pizza News] Obama Officially Prefers St. Louis Pizzeria

Submitted by Marla Collins' Husband.

I previously wrote that the alleged Barack Obama love for Italian Fiesta Pizzeria was purely speculative and that only Obama known to actually like it is Michelle.

It turns out that the earlier story that Obama fell in love with a pizza he had in St. Louis during the campaign is definitely true. The White House has invited the owner and chef of Pi to come to Washington on Friday and cook some pizzas for President Obama and his staff.


  1. No doubt. I haven't had it, but I don't know that I really need to. Recently, I was told that I MUST try the cheese mixture...if I ever have a reason to go to St. Louis then I guess I'll give in.

  2. I absolutely hated Imo's the first time I had it. Now I can appreciate it as its own thing. Get two when you go. I recommend breakfast bacon+sausage and mushroom+onion.