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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

[Chicago Pizza News] Who Invented the Deep-Dish?

Who invented Chicago's greatest contribution to humanity?
It's a mystery as old as time, and the Chicago Tribune tries to get to the bottom of it with an article published online today.
Take a look at what the Trib has to say by clicking here.


  1. Eating deep dish pizza is one of my favorite things to do. Not knowing who invented it isn't going to stop me from eating it. Giordano's Pizza has to be one of the best.

  2. I was at Pizano's not too long ago, and a certain employee whose been involved with Rudy Malnati, Jr. related to me that Ike Sewell was the money behind Uno's, but Rudy Malnati,Sr. was the brains behind the deep dish pizza recipe. This does seem believeable only because Ike Sewell was a former football player from the U of Texas, and I don't think he really had any pizza experience. To his credit, Sewell did make Uno's famous.

    Anyways, here's my vote for favorite pizzas, not that my humble opinions matter. I'm just a pizza lover like all you.

    Deep Dish: Lou Malnati's Deep Dish with their famed buttercrust is the single best pizza I've ever had. I grew up on Uno's, and I still enjoy going there every now and then. However, the buttercrust at Lou's definitely won me over and I really haven't looked back since. A little piece of heaven.....

    Thin Crust: Pizano's with the buttercrust. The Malnati's, Rudy, Jr. at Pizano's or Mark Malnati at Lou's, definitely have the best recipe for buttercrust pizza. It's just so garlicky and buttery.

    Side Note: The deep dish at Pizano's is not as good as the deep dish at Lou Malnati's. I feel like there is not enough sauce and not enough sausage on a Pizano's deep dish.

    Side Note Part II: Your club should try Villa Nova Pizza in Stickney, IL on Pershing Rd. People from the Midway airport area in Chicago and the Berwyn/Stickney area have long loved this thin crust pizza. It's excellent and yes, it's better than Vito and Nick's, and almost as old as Vito and Nick's in terms of South Side thin crust pizza history. The sausage on their thin crust is to die for. Relatedly, the thin crust is pretty thin, and the cheese is wonderful.

    The Tribune article also mentioned Delisi's on Western Ave. I must say their thin crust is very good, too.

    Your web site is a lot of fun and a nice, light hearted break from daily life. Keep up the good work and good eating.

    Be Safe.