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Monday, January 19, 2009

[Chicago Pizza News] Pizza Hut Admits They've Been Serving Unhealthy Pizza

Well, that's not exactly how they phrased it, but that's a clear message from Pizza Hut's recent announcement that the company has begun shifting to a menu of food made from all natural ingredients with no more artificial preservatives, colors and flavors. Among the list of changes: no more high-fructose corn syrup; no nitrites or nitrates in the pepperoni, no preservatives in the sausage, and 100% real beef with no fillers. This, of course, means that Pizza Hut had been serving sauce filled with corn syrup, artificially preserved pepperoni and sausage, and beef that has things other than cow in it.

Conspicuously absent from the announcement and from the page on the Pizza Hut website related to the all-natural theme is any mention of their cheese. Pizza Hut used to not use actual mozzarella, opting for a cheap imitation that has a chemical, Polymethylsiloxane, that was not approved by the FDA as a food ingredient. The omission of cheese from Pizza Hut's list of natural ingredients is glaring.

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