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Wednesday, May 14, 2008

[Chicago Pizza News] Ordering Pizza Gets All High Techy...

So, Papa Johns is in the news this week for hitting over $1 Billion in online pizza sales. You can read about it over here.

Papas Johns was always my prefered chain pizza while I was in college down in Champaign/Urbana, but they don't seem to be too widespread up here in the city. I actually researched the possibility of getting some delivered for the Chicago Pizza Club's Chain Pizza Extravaganza, but there were none in my delivery area.

Anywho, I love ordering food online with the interwebs, I think it cuts down on mistakes with your orders, people writing down the wrong addresses, etc., and while Domino's and Pizza Hut both offer online ordering, I much, much prefer to use websites that offer the option of ordering local, non-chain pizzas right to my doorstep. Both Foodler.com and GrubHub.com let you enter in your address, see what local restaurants deliver to you, browse menus online and let you place your order through their websites. Also handy is how they have their menus broken down into handy categories such as; Pasta, Mexican, Sushi, Chinese, etc... oh, and of course, Pizza! And while I haven't used this site yet, it looks like Delivery.com also offers similar services to the Chicago area.

So, if you're lazy like me and are hungry for pizza rejoice in knowing that your online ordering needs (oh yeah, it's a need) can be met by more than just the big pizza chains.

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