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Sunday, March 05, 2006

Home Run Inn [Meeting #25]

Homerun Inn
4254 W. 31st Street (Google Maps)
Chicago, IL 60623
Phone: 773-247-9696

CPC invaded Home Run Inn on 3/1/06

Snap, this isn't just a frozen pizza company?

Founded in 1947, Home Run Inn has been serving up tasty pizza and classic pasta, sandwiches, and salads since its birth. Plus, it's on the South Side so you know it's good. It's basically 5 miles west of Comiskey Park, standing as a landmark in yet another Chicago neighborhood to undergo massive change in the last half century.

On the outside, you'll quickly notice that they have three parking lots, all of which appeared pretty full. This might be due more to the well organized and busy takeout service they offer than it is to the sit down diners. The dining room is relatively small and has long tables that can accomodate 2 people or can be put together to seat 12. They offer a pizza feast, which is basically $10 a person and you get an order of chicken tenders, cheese sticks, toasted ravioli, garlic bread, salads for everyone, and a one-topping pie for every 4 people.

Our waitress was pleasant, even when it took us awhile to order. This place is not cheap and the ingredient list wasn't as thorough as many places offer nowadays. They do have specials listed and we decided that we had to go with the specialty pies. They are:

  • Garlic Fireball - sausage, jalapenoes, giardiniera, all on garlic butter crust
  • Laurie's Favorite - spinach, plum tomatoes, all on garlic butter crust
  • Nick's Super - sausage, mushrooms, pepper, onions
  • Chicago's Best - sausage, pepperoni, smoked bacon
  • BBQ Chicken - baked chicken, Sweet Baby Ray's sauce, onions, mozarella, and cheddar
We went with the first two, one medium and one large. The order was placed at 7:52 pm and we recieved our food at 8:13 pm. Nice turnaround. Coke fans, beware: this is a Pepsi joint and when you ask for a Coke they will surreptitiously bring you a Pepsi in its stead. One more thing, they offer a garlic butter crust on all your pizzas for an additional $1.50 (unless it's already on the specials). I don't see how you avoid getting it. The total damage was $15 apiece for 5 people. Not cheap, but not breaking the wallet either.

Petey gives Home Run Inn a score of 8.7

I'd like to leave you with a few deep thoughts before you look at the pictures:

This place really hit it out of the park!

Or, this place is a grand slam!

Or, don't swing and miss, come to Home Run Inn!

I may have a future in advertisements and/or talk shows.

Batter up...

Going, going.... gone!

Where it went down

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  1. I thought this place was great. The key to the pizza was the garlic butter crust. Not only did it have flavor,b tu it was crispy and not too thick, but not a cracker. Out of the two pizzas I was a bigger fan of the garlic fireball. I'm not sure if I'm on a spice kick or what, but I found something better than jalapenos on a pizza, and that's jalapenos AND JIARDINIERA!!! The sausage could have been spicier, or mabey ti was and was being masked by the other ingredients. The veggie pizza was pretty good too. The tomatoes helped add some weight to the sauce. Again I can't stress how great that garlic-butter crust was. It's a wise investment on any pizza for a mere $1.50. We had the opportunity to decline it on one of the pizzas for comparisons sake but then thought, why would any sane persone decline garlic-butter crust? The debate was short and sweet.


  2. This place was great all around, and the garlic butter crust really made the pizza stand out. It was crispy and delicious, and its delicate garlic goodness could be tasted in each bite. I thought both pizzas were great. I particularly liked the spinach and tomato pizza, and everything tasted very fresh. I have to say it never occurred to me to have giardiniera on a pizza prior to this outing, but it won me over very quickly. Combined with the jalapenos and sausage, that pizza had some good heat and the flavors worked really well together.


  3. I also loved this place. I wasn't that big of a fan of the fireball initially, but I reconsidered my thoughts and have concluded that the giardiniera was a big winner. I don't know that I needed the jalapenos however. It made the pizza too acidic and contributed a soggy crust. The other pie, with the tomatoes and spinach was delicious. It was a contrast from the other pizza in that the flavors were all mild but full. I'd like to try their pepperoni but regrettably we didn't have enough members present for a third pie. Despite my earlier compliants of crust sogginess, I think this non-cracker crust was hearty and held up it's ingredients very well. The sauce, alas, was sparse but tasty when present.

    Garlic crust is a no-brainer. This place makes me wonder why no one else offers such a thing.

    This place reaffirmed why I love pizza so much.


  4. Pricey but worth it. The garlic fireball was a bit much for me. jalapenos.. fine... but not carrots and all that other shit that comprises giardiniera.

  5. I liked this place, but now I won't go near it after they cheated scores of Illinois residents by holding a cash-prize video contest in 2008 only to award the prize to a family member. I'll go somewhere the business is honest.